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The Scout III Portable Sampler is a lightweight and portable composite sampler that provides all you need to collect a one gallon composite sample. The Scout III is simple to set up and operate. You set sample size and purge time, with purge cycle before, after, or both before and after sample collection. The Scout III operates on either line or battery power. The Scout III is ideal for sampling in remote locations and in manholes. It meets the requirements for compositing equipment as specified in section 5.1.2 of EPA Method 1613 Revision A released in April 1990.


How it Works:

The Scout III is placed beside the wasteline or stream to be sampled. When installed in a manhole, the sampler is positioned above the high-water level. The sample inlet line is connected to the sampler's peristaltic (squeeze-tube) pump. The size of each sample is set with the "FUNCTION" knob. Next, the "SAMPLES PER HOUR" switch is set to collect 1, 2, 4, or 8 samples per hour, or 1 sample every 2 or 3 hours. Finally, the "PURGE CYCLE" switch is set to purge before, after, or both before and after sample collection - a unique power-saving feature. All switch settings are visible and the system takes the first sample right away so you know its working properly BEFORE you leave the field. A float switch in the sample container turns the system off when the bottle is full.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Compression-molded NOREL
Hardware: Stainless steel latches with hasp suitable for padlock or seal
Dimensions: 17" high, 14" wide, 8" deep

Type: Solid state control
Environmental Protection: Conformal coating for moisture-proofing

a. Samples per hour switch: 1, 2, 4, or 8 samples/hour or 1 sample every 2 or 3 hours
b. Function switch: Test, Reset, and Set positions with purge selection before, after, or both before and after sample collection
c. Sample volume knob: sample size between 20 and 500 ml
d. Power switch: AC - Off - DC
e. Circuit Protection: 5 AMP slo-blow fuse

Operates in conjunction with any flowmeter poviding a momentary unpowered switch closure every preset number of gallons.